SSI is proud to offer a broad range of technologically advanced vehicle full cockpit car simulators for comprehensive traffic safety training including basic vehicle operation, procedural tasks and road management, risk awareness and defensive driving, deterrent training for driving under the influence of alcohol & other drugs, deterrent training distracted driving caused by handheld devices, and more.  


Our systems are ideally suited for public and private driving schools, corporate employee training courses, law enforcement community service programs, and other traffic safety initiatives.


Ultra Driving Simulator

Using robust hardware, innovative training software and the most comprehensive warranty in the industry, our Ultra Driving Simulator offers you with the most advanced technology and lifelike graphics on the market today.

Ultra XL Driving Simulator

The Ultra XL is our most popular driving simulator we manufacture. This driving simulator runs on high-speed DELL computer platforms. The innovative dual LCD rearview panel enables proper blind-spot checking & backing maneuvers.

EF-Car Motion Driving Simulator

Our EF-Car Motion simulator features rugged and reliable steel chassis, motorized force-feedback steering system, and OEM automotive controls for car-like ergonomics and added realism.

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